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From 23/3/20 Halswellhealth is changing how we do things. The following information is important please read.

Patients will only be allowed into practice premises if they have been screened by the staff. This is to keep our staff and patients safe. No exceptions.

The practice will move to phone consultations for the majority of business.  There will be charge for phone consults. Phone appointments can be booked via the Connectmed booking system. This will commence on Tuesday 24/3/20.
Phone consults are suitable for many medical problems and for continuing routine prescriptions safely. Nurse and Doctor appointments will be available.

Please do not request/order prescriptions in advance . We have been directed by the Ministry of Health we are not allowed to do this.  

Emergencies Please ring 111

If you have  a medical problem that is urgent then please ring us 03 322 8121 or email nurse@halswellmc.pegasus.net.nz
We will try to sort your issue as quick as we can and we may ask you to come for an appointment at the surgery.

If your medical problem is not urgent then please use the Connectmed booking system or email if possible. This is to keep our phone lines as free as possible so those needing urgent care can get in touch promptly. We appreciate that not all people have easy access to internet so use the phone if you have to.


Our Services


Flu Vaccinations

Please note we do not have any flu vaccines at present. We will be contacting those eligible for funded vaccines as we get stock. We will be updating this page regularly so please don't phone the practice rather check this website for the latest information.

We will be continuing the vaccination of our at risk groups. (those over age 65years, chronic conditions, healthcare workers and pregnant women). We will be contacting this group of people as we get vaccine supply. Please do not ring us, especially over the next few days, as we need to keep our phone lines free. 

When speaking to any of our staff please provide them the following information:
Have you traveled in last 14 days or had any close contacts who have traveled overseas in last 14 days.
If you are currently in self isolation. If you have any flu like symptoms. These symptoms include fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose.

A note re COVID 19 /coronavirus. 

Most people who get infected with this virus  have a mild to moderate flu like illness that does not require treatment. Our more vulnerable groups can get severe illness and may need hospital care so it is essential that we slow the spread of this virus and keep hospital capacity available to deal with the virus and other health emergencies.

By following strict procedures at the surgery we can help slow the spread and keep people safe.
We understand that people are going to feel anxious and that service is going to very different and disrupted but this is an extraordinary time and we all need to do our bit.
We have a fantastic community in Halswell and we all need to work together through this very difficult time.